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Contacting Ohio FAIR Plan

Do you need to talk to us?

Your agent is your insurance professional and you should contact him/her. Your agent is able to assist you with any questions you have about the Ohio FAIR Plan. To find an agent, you can ask for recommendations from friends and neighbors, search on the Internet, or look in your phonebook. Every agent in the state - even if they normally do business with other companies - can help you get coverage with OFP. OFP does not have a list of "preferred" agents. The Ohio FAIR Plan has no agents, but any licensed property and casualty agent is authorized to assist you in seeking coverage through the Ohio FAIR Plan. No agent can bind coverage for the Ohio FAIR Plan, but all have the responsibility of assisting you in applying for coverage.

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Following are the various ways for you to contact us directly:


Call us, Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm Eastern Time
Main: 614-839-6446
Fax: 614-839-2882
Ohio Toll Free: 800-282-1772


Ohio FAIR Plan
PO Box 645536
Cincinnati OH 45264-5536

Regular Mail / Overnight Mail

Ohio FAIR Plan
8800 Lyra Drive
Suite 150
Columbus OH 43240

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