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Insurance Agents and the Ohio FAIR Plan

The Ohio FAIR Plan (OFP) has no agents. However, any licensed property and casualty agent has a responsibility to assist property owners in applying for coverage through OFP, if such coverage is necessary. Ohio Administrative Rule 3901-1-18-E indicates:

  • Upon request, a licensed agent shall assist any owner of property in completing an application for insurance with the association.
  • No licensed agent, although licensed to represent one or more member insurers of the association, shall hold himself out as an agent for the Ohio FAIR Plan.

If a prospective FAIR Plan insured/applicant contacts you about the OFP, you have a duty to assist the individual in applying for coverage through OFP. You would then become the agent for that applicant.

OFP will always encourage consumers to select a licensed agent as their insurance professional. OFP pays commission to Ohio resident agents (and nonresident agents affiliated with a resident agent who assisted the customer) on new and replacement business at rates of:

  • 10% for commercial business
  • 12% for residential business
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