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New Agent Information

Are you a new agent?

If you've never (or "it's been years" since you've) used the Ohio FAIR Plan Underwriting Association (OFP), you may have questions about how to get started. Below are the basic steps to apply for coverage through OFP.


OFP has no agents.

OFP does not employ agents. However, you have a responsibility to assist individuals in applying to OFP. Remember that you have no binding authority for OFP. When assisting individuals in applying for coverage, you actually serve as their agent, not OFP's.

Getting the application started.

  1. To submit an application, go to Agent Online Services and request a login ID. After you have received your ID confirmation and password, you can start submitting applications (please note that there is a one business day lag after receiving your login ID before you can submit a binder deposit premium payment).
  2. Select the application that best fits the type of property for which type of coverage is desired. Read the application and eligibility requirements to ensure that the applied property will meet the program requirements.

Now what?

  1. Along with the Applicant, read and complete the application in its entirety.
  2. Make certain that all questions are answered correctly and completely.
  3. Submit the appropriate binder deposit premium if binder coverage is desired. OFP accepts several different payment methods, including electronic payment and mailing a payment with a coupon.
  4. Note that the earliest possible effective date of coverage is the day following OFP's receipt of a completed application and binder deposit premium.

When can I expect to get the binder?

The application will be reviewed by an OFP underwriter, who will determine eligibility for coverage. If the application is approved, an inspection of the property will be ordered, and a binder will be issued. All applications are subject to underwriting review, so do not assume that coverage will be provided or that it will be provided as requested.

  1. The binder declarations page will be available online after coverage is bound.
  2. You may request a faxed binder on the Agent Comments section of the application. Please provide the name and fax number to where the binder should be sent. The need for a faxed binder should be limited to closings for new purchases or refinance situations. Note that we need a minimum of 2 business days to process a faxed binder.

When will I get the policy replacing the binder?

This will take approximately 45-60 days from the date OFP received the application. When the inspection comes into our office, an underwriter will review it and re-evaluate the coverage. The underwriter may subsequently take one of the following actions:

  1. Issue and mail a policy and a premium invoice, if appropriate, for the coverage approved for issuance. These will be mailed to all interested parties including the insured's agent. The insured will have 45 days to submit the balance due, if any. If the premium invoiced is not received, the policy will be canceled for non-payment of premium.
  2. Issue a Notice of Cancellation indicating the reasons for non-eligibility. This notice will be mailed to all interested parties including the insured's agent. If the binder deposit premium was sufficient to pay the earned premium for the coverage that has been provided, any return premium will be mailed payable to the insured. If the earned premium exceeds the binder deposit premium, an invoice will be issued and mailed to all interested parties including the insured's agent.

What if I don't need a binder?

If you would simply like a quote for future coverage, you may want to send the completed application without the binder deposit premium. We will:

  1. Underwrite the application,
  2. Order an inspection, and
  3. Underwrite the inspection when the inspection comes into OFP's office and either:
    1. Issue and mail a premium quotation to all interested parties including the applicant's agent. The quote will stay "active" for 40 days and, if the full premium is submitted, we will issue a policy effective the day following our receipt of that premium; or
    2. Issue and mail a declination/notice of non-eligibility to all interested parties including the applicant's agent. This document will indicate the reasons for which coverage is being declined.

Will I be paid a commission?

Although you are not an agent for OFP, we will pay a commission to any resident licensed agent (and any nonresident agent affiliated with a resident agent who assisted the customer). For residential property, the commission paid is 12% of the earned premium. For commercial property, the commission rate is 10%.

OFP's commission payments are issued the first week of the month following OFP's issuance of a policy or "positive" premium-affecting endorsement.

Return commission for a policy cancellation is billed via a Monthly Agency Commission Invoice unless OFP owes commission for other policies to the agency. This invoice will be issued during the first week of the month following the effective date of the cancellation or "negative" premium-affecting endorsement. If OFP does owe commission for some policies and the agency owes return commission for other policies, the agency's return commission will be netted out of the commission owed the agency by OFP. In this case, the detail of the various transactions will be shown on the Monthly Agency Commission Statement mentioned above. Click here for our bulletin regarding commissions.

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