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Statute Information

3929.41 Purposes.

The purposes of sections 3929.41 to 3929.49 of the Revised Code are to:

(A) Assure stability in the property insurance market for property located in urban areas of the state;
(B) Assure the availability of basic property insurance as defined by sections 3929.41 to 3929.49 of the Revised Code;
(C) Assure the availability, at the option of the applicant, of homeowners insurance as defined in division (B) of section 3929.42 of the Revised Code;
(D) Encourage maximum use, in obtaining basic property insurance, of the normal insurance market provided by authorized insurers;
(E) Provide for the equitable distribution among authorized insurers of the responsibility for insuring eligible property, for which basic property insurance cannot be obtained through the normal insurance market;
(F) Authorize the establishment of a fair plan (fair access to insurance requirements), and the Ohio fair plan underwriting association.

Effective Date: 07-18-1980

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