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Commercial Fire Coverage

Commercial Fire Coverage is available for non-manufacturing eligible property under the CP 00 99 coverage form.

CP 00 99 Commercial Fire Form

Coverage Provided

  • Covered property losses on covered buildings are settled, at our option, by paying the value of lost or damaged property, or by paying the cost of repairing or replacing the lost or damaged property, or by taking all or any part of the property at an agreed or appraised value, or by repairing, rebuilding, or replacing the property with other of like kind and quality.
  • Coverage, unless the loss is excluded, is for direct physical loss to the property for perils indicated within the declarations of the contract. Available insurable perils (causes of loss) are-Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Windstorm or Hail, Smoke, Aircraft or Vehicle, Riot or Civil Commotion, Sinkhole Collapse, Volcanic Action, Vandalism, Sprinkler Leakage. Definitions of and exclusions relating to these perils are within the contract.

Underwriting Criteria

  • Manufacturing must not be done on the property.
  • Property must be at least 50% occupied. If property is undergoing active rehabilitation, see Rehabilitation Coverage Through OFP.
  • Property must be free of specific characteristics of ownership, condition, occupancy and maintenance that violate law or public policy and/or may result in increased exposure to loss.
  • Property may not be owned by any individual(s) who has been convicted of arson or who has misrepresented the property by false information on the application(s).
  • Property may not have unrepaired damage or unsettled losses from any perils which would be insurable under the CP 00 99 coverage form. If property is undergoing repair of loss from any such peril, see Rehabilitation Coverage Through OFP.
  • Property must be secured from trespass.
  • Property may not be in danger of collapse.
  • Property may not have sustained loss which was caused by the gross negligence or carelessness of the insured/applicant.
  • Property must have been denied the coverage sought by at least two insurance companies.
  • Property may not have delinquent taxes, assessments, penalties or other such charges due.
  • Property may not be in violation of any building, housing, air pollution, sanitation, health, fire or safety code, ordinance or rule.
  • Property may not be insured for an amount in excess of actual cash value (replacement cost less depreciation and uninsurable items).
  • Applications submitted for coverage must be fully and correctly completed.
  • Risks with commercial cooking are required to have at least two hand fire extinguishers in the cooking area if coverage being sought is less that $50,000 (total coverage for building and/or contents). If insurance sought is over $50,000, the property must have properly installed automatic extinguishing systems over all cooking surfaces. Both installation and maintenance certificate must be forwarded evidencing the automatic extinguishing system.
  • Risks with spray painting on the premises are required to have a spray paint booth. All paint spraying must be done in a smooth, non-combustible, non-porous finish booth with non-combustible door. Exhaust fan blades must be of non-metal material and all wiring must be explosion and vapor-proof.
  • Risks which have storage of flammable liquids must have those liquids stored in their original unopened containers or in UL approved containers. No more that 10 gallons should be on premises at any one time and these should be stored in a locked UL approved metal cabinet. Large quantities of unopened cans should be stored in a vented room outside of the premises.
  • Bowling Alleys must have any pin refinishing accomplished off-premises and the business must be closed during lane refinishing. A professional refinishing firm must perform the lane refinishing.
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