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Dwelling Property Coverage

Coverage provided: DP 0001 coverage form

Insurance for the perils of:
Mandatory: If Extended Coverage applies: If VMM applies:
Fire Windstorm Vandalism
Lightning Hail Malicious Mischief
Explosion Riot or Civil Commotion
Vehicles If requested:
Smoke Earthquake

Coverages Available

  1. Dwelling Coverage may be requested up to the dwelling's Actual Cash Value
  2. Liability Coverage is not offered
  3. All coverages are settled at Actual Cash Value
  4. Private Structures Coverage (for garages, sheds, fences, etc.) is not included but may be requested up to the structure's Actual Cash Value.
  5. Coverage must be written for a minimum of $1,000 of either Dwelling or Personal Property
  6. The total of all coverage amounts cannot exceed $1,500,000
  7. The minimum premium is $100
  8. If a policy has Dwelling Coverage, Additional Living Costs and Fair Rental Value Coverage is included for 10% of the Dwelling Coverage
  9. If a policy has Dwelling Coverage, Ordinance or Law Coverage is included for 10% of the Dwelling Coverage
  10. 10. If Earthquake Coverage is requested, a 5% deductible applies

Underwriting criteria

  1. The person or organization applying for insurance must own the property or be in a contract to sell or purchase the property.
  2. A Dwelling Property policy may be issued to cover:
    1. a one, two, three, or four family dwelling used for private residential purposes;
    2. a private residential dwelling in a row house or townhouse that contains not more than four family units per fire division;
    3. a mobile or manufactured home used for private residential purposes that is not self-propelled and is permanently situated at a fixed location;
    4. a condominium or co-operative unit-owner's interest in additions, alterations, structures, installations, and other items;
    5. personal property located in a one, two, three, or four family dwelling, row house, or townhouse; a mobile or manufactured home; a private structure; an apartment; or a condominium or co-operative unit; or
    6. a seasonal dwelling, mobile or manufactured home, or condominium or co-operative unit that otherwise meets eligibility requirements.
  3. If the property is seasonal, it must be identified as seasonal to OFP and must have continuous unoccupancy of three or more consecutive months during a one year period
  4. At least 50% of the property must be occupied. If property is undergoing active rehabilitation, see Rehabilitation Coverage
  5. Property must be free of specific characteristics of ownership, condition, occupancy and maintenance that violate law or public policy and/or may result in increased exposure to loss
  6. Property may not be owned by any individual(s) who has been convicted of arson or who has misrepresented the property by false information on the application(s)
  7. Property may not have unrepaired damage or unsettled losses from any perils which would be insurable under the DP 0001 coverage form. If property is undergoing repair of loss from any such peril, see Rehabilitation Coverage.
  8. Property must be secured from trespass
  9. Property may not be in danger of collapse
  10. Property may not have sustained loss which was caused by the gross negligence or carelessness of the insured/applicant
  11. Property must have been denied the coverage sought by at least two insurance companies
  12. Property may not have delinquent taxes, assessments, penalties or other such charges due
  13. Property may not be in violation of any building, housing, air pollution, sanitation, health, fire or safety code, ordinance or rule
  14. Property may not be insured for an amount in excess of actual cash value (replacement cost less depreciation and uninsurable items)
  15. Applications submitted for coverage must be fully and correctly completed
  16. Outstanding issues from prior OFP coverage must be fully resolved.
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