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Rehabilitation Procedures

The Ohio FAIR Plan provides coverage on properties that are under formal rehabilitation. The application and/or property must meet the following requirements:

  • With the exception of the occupancy requirement, the property must meet the Dwelling Fire or Commercial Property guidelines.
  • Copies of all contracts that have been signed for rehabilitation efforts must accompany the application. The contracts must be signed by both the property owner and the contractor and must be specific with regard to all work to be performed indicating the anticipated work start and completion dates and the cost of all such efforts.
    1. Signed contracts must accompany fire-damaged property applications.
    2. An itemized list of repairs plus approximate cost of each repair must accompany all applications for self-finished work.
    3. For an increase in coverage over the original purchase price, paid material receipts may be submitted for all self-finished work.
  • The property must be vacant and secured from trespass while under rehabilitation.
  • The planned rehabilitation work must be significant with anticipated repairs to electrical and heating systems, significant repairs to the physical condition of the property, and plumbing repair and replacement. The rehabilitation work may not be mere renovation of a cosmetic nature.
  • The rehabilitation work must be starting within 30 days of the coverage effective date and the maximum length of coverage will be one year.
  • The property will be inspected to verify that the property is vacant and secured from trespass. This will be followed by periodic inspections throughout the year to determine and verify the progress of the rehabilitation work.
  • The policy will be issued for Fire, Lightning & Extended Coverages only. If specifically requested on residential dwellings, Vandalism & Malicious Mischief may be added at current ISO rates for vacant property.
  • When the work is completed, the Ohio FAIR Plan must be notified of that completion. OFP will:
    1. Send notice of cancellation on policies issued for properties that were being rehabilitated for owner-occupancy. Ideally, that rehabilitated property would be eligible to get coverage in the standard market. If coverage is not available, the owner-occupant may reapply to the Ohio FAIR Plan for Dwelling Fire or Homeowners coverage.
    2. Endorse policies issued on properties which were being rehabilitated for tenant-occupancy to add V&MM coverage. The appropriate premium for V&MM coverage will be billed and an inspection will be ordered.
    3. Send notice of cancellation on policies for properties which were being rehabilitated for sale. The Ohio FAIR Plan cannot provide coverage for vacant or unoccupied property.
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